There are literally dozens of individual insurance brokers who will quote you for car insurance and it’s probably not realistic (or necessary) to try and get a quote from all of them before buying insurance. Using an insurance price comparison website like The Car Insurer can save you time and money, because you can quickly obtain a list of the most competitive insurance quotes from a panel of high-quality brokers in as little as 5 minutes. Remember that the cheapest quote might not necessarily be the most appropriate for your individual circumstances, so be sure to check the policy documents before buying.

If you’re a new driver, one of the most popular ways to get cheaper car insurance quotes is to agree to have a black box fitted. This is installed within the car itself and monitors various aspects of your driving on the road in order to tailor your insurance policy quote.

If you’re a more experienced driver and are looking to change your car insurance provider, then you might be able to save money by simply switching your policy. Below is a quick guide on what to do if you’re looking for a cheaper car insurance quote and how to get the best price on your policy:

  • Don’t auto-renew - Auto-renewing with your existing insurer means that you won’t necessarily get the best deal for your money. Instead, check out comparison websites such as The Car Insurer that help you visualise exactly what other insurance quotations there are available. This way you’ll be able to compare many insurers, policies and prices and choose which might be the most appropriate for you.
  • Add parameters to your policy - For example, check if adding a responsible and more experienced driver to the policy improves the price.
  • Watch your mileage - doing fewer miles might make you a lower risk in the eyes of insurers
  • Improve your security - this can be in the form of alarms or steering locks. Doing this may lower the price of your premium overall.
  • Increase the voluntary excess – increasing the amount you pay in the event of a claim can bring your monthly or annual premium cost down significantly However, in the event of a claim, this will mean that you have a higher overall excess to pay.
  • Park carefully - believe it or not, where you park your car (especially overnight) can impact your insurance policy premium. It may help to keep your car in a garage or a safe space overnight, if possible, in order to bring the price of your policy down.
  • Choose the best vehicle for your needs - although many of us would love to drive a fancy car, the reality is that choosing a car that satisfies your needs might be cheaper to insure. If you haven’t purchased a vehicle yet, consider choosing something that works for your routine. If you only use your vehicle for errands, then a smaller car would be better for your wallet.
  • Take a course after your test - Although courses like Pass Plus cost money, proving yourself as an advanced driver can be enough to affect your premium in a great way.
  • Avoid modifying your car - changes to your vehicle such as performance and body upgrades can heavily impact the price of your insurance in a negative way.