If you want to drive anyone else’s car, you must first be insured to do so. Usually, this will mean that you need to be a named driver on the insurance policy for that specific car. You will also need to have explicit permission from the owner that you can drive their car before doing so.

Even if you’d like to drive their car as a one-off, you will still need to ensure that you’re included on their insurance policy. Not only does this cover you, but it ensures that the policy holder is legally allowed to give you permission to drive their vehicle.

Typically in the UK, DOC (driving other cars) cover will be excluded from your policy if you’re under the age of 25, are seen as a high risk, or if you have made claims in the past. You may also be refused DOC cover if you have a criminal conviction. It’s important to be aware that DOC is limited to Third Party Only cover and is intended for use in emergencies only.

If you’re intending driving someone else’s car, even once, you should ensure that the car owner has added you as a named driver to their insurance policy, ask to see a copy of the policy document that names you and ensure that you’ve got their explicit permission to drive the car before setting off.